I was contracted to relaunch Lucerne Executive Center and this project called for a radical rebranding strategy. The company provides an executive suite facility in Orlando, offering prestigious and luxurious amenities and service. The center is, indeed, impressive in all respects and, on this account, has maintained a loyal list of customers. The management, however, wanted to expand its customer base and has struggled in the process.

Branding Solution

When I was brought in, the strategy that I immediately developed focused on the marketing content. The problem with their existing materials was that they were dated. There is immense risk of failure regardless of how thoughtful the company’s marketing strategy is. If the message is no longer effective, it will fail to connect with the prospective market.

In the new approach, the update to the marketing collateral was also treated as an opportunity to reinforce the common perspective of the people within the organization so that both management and employees are able to draw from the organizational identity in the way they conduct themselves in the workplace and interact with clients. The idea is that it will allow them to articulate the company’s uniqueness better. These are aligned with the way branding is indispensable when introducing organizational change and reinforcing organizational culture.

Modern and Minimalist

We gathered all of Lucerne Executive Center’s marketing collateral and drew materials that will constitute the new marketing content. We looked for useful contents that can highlighting a focus on current visual design trends but one that is still consistent to the ethos that define Lucerne and its services at the same time. The result was a minimalist branding initiative designed to appeal to a modern and sophisticated market. The choice for this approach is informed by our findings through data analytics, which include how new business owners and travelling entrepreneurs can be lucrative new markets for Lucerne. The minimalist branding was expected to immediately and tastefully articulate the company’s value propositions, unhindered by clutter.

Leveraging Perceptions

The new marketing approach was also expected to address the personnel’s connection and understanding of Lucerne as an organization and as a brand. The reason is that it underscored the core, the distinctive, and the enduring characteristics of the company in the messages that they imbibe and communicate to others.

To leverage the rebranding initiative, we also launched an carefully crafted email campaign. We ensured that the message got read and the marketing objective was achieved by personalizing the letters we disseminated. I decided to target key groups such as new business owners filing articles of organization. For this category, the letter was written as a congratulatory missive for the milestone, adding an invitation to utilize Lucerne’s virtual services, conference rooms, and office spaces for their events or operations.

Lucerne Executive Center

I am always excited to work on a branding campaign for the simple fact that it entails a subtle but critical intervention that can have enduring impact on an organization’s competitive advantage. Here, there is great challenge involved but it comes with huge reward potential for my client.

In a branding or a rebranding strategy, the goal is not only to change or orient the perception of the organization’s target market towards a specific perspective but also to facilitate the achievement of common outlook within the organization itself.

Modern Re-brand


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